We have a team of specialists in audiovisual content with magic and illusionism theme, with a unique identity and DNA.



Marco Zanqueta

Producer and General Manager

He is a producer and content creator for the audiovisual Market, Z7 Company’s managing partner. Marco has been working as a magician for 30 years with a strong knowledge of illusionism techniques.

Vladimir Oliveira

Production Director

He has worked in the audiovisual industry for more than 15 years, coordinating productions for large companies, such as Amanco, Gerdau, Turkish Airlines, etc. Graduated from the Stan Winston School, he coordinates the project design of animatronics.

Ellen Oliveira

Director of Art and Costume Design

Specialized in direction of art, scenography and costumes, she has participated in projects for large agencies. For over 7 years she has been submerged in the world of Magoland, in the design of all the arts and construction of costumes.

Nicollas Matteis


Led large advertising campaigns from clients such as HP, Banco do Brasil, ESPN, Citibank and Liberty Seguros.

Ching Wang

Director of Photography

Master in Cinematography has already filmed hundreds of TV commercials and has made more than 30 short films and documentaries.

Victor Dias

Executive Production

First season on the Sony channel of "Buscando Buskers" and Coproduction of "Mooring for Love" with Sentimental Films. 

Melissa Leonel


Working for more than 8 years in the production market, he specializes in producing magical productions, whether in the organization and assembly of corporate events or in production.

Alcides Peixe

Casting Director

Performance in shows for Mauricio de Souza Ao Vivo and the Walt Disney Company of Latin America and Brazil and Cartoon Network. He directed children's theater shows and made several appearances on TV.

Roger Matua

Special Effects Artist

Special effects artist, acting in the advertising, TV, film and theater market and performing projects of animatronics, sculpture, 3D printing and effects makeup for Rede Globo, Renault, Discovery Channel, etc.

Tadeu Terra

Special Effects Artist

Specialist in special effects and characterizer, expert in foam latex, sculpture and mold. He has performed several publicity and publicity works for Sky, Toyota, Rede Globo, Record, SBT, Band.

Paul Zanon

Animatronic Manipulator

Mime, clown and musician, specializing in mime and physical theater, studying with big names. Creator of the methodology Desverbalizar that adds music, mime and clown for body enlargement.

Armando Junior

Animatronic Manipulator and Writer

Actor, voice actor, clown and puppet manipulator. He has worked in major productions such as Que Mostro te Mordeu, Totalmente Pastelão - Parlapatões, nominated for the FEMSA award as best supporting actor.


The Z7 Company works with three more companies, which are key for the logistic and have a unique expertise in this kind of content.

Brazilian companies that were created with a single goal: work with the “Magolândia” project.



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