Land of Magic


“Magolândia” is a magical parallel universe.

The place where every magic trick comes from.  There, everybody is a grandchild, a great-grandchild or a great-great-grandchild of magicians and illusionists. A city where the bank has the shape of a top hat; cards are required items; the pigeons are part of a Union; rabbits cross the streets and the main square. The Magician Square (1) - has an arena to practice magic tricks. The Magic Tower (2), which seems a magic cube, is in this square.

However, things are not going well in “Magolândia”. The Magic Tower is the Sun of this universe. If its colors are matching, everybody is learning, performing and sharing magic tricks.  If its colors are shuffled, people are not able to perform magic.

The Masked man and his pigeon Drake live inside the basement of an abandoned theater (3) (4), working hard at finding new ways to sabotage the magicians.

Cris and Max spend most of their time in Newtown’s shop (5), a place beyond modern, developing all kinds of equipment to perform any kind of magic trick.

Max lives with his mom Hannah and his dad Douglas (6), who is a professor at the Magic University (7), next to Mel’s thrift store (8) and Peck’s hole.

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