Experience magic tricks performed by animatronic characters through stories in a live action series.



  • Format: 52 x 11’
  • Kind: Live Action
  • Gender: Adventure
  • Target: 4 – 11 years old
  • Status: in development
  • Production Company: Z7 Company


After finding a magical object in her grandfather’s chest, Cris, a young magician apprentice, finds out how to get into “Magolândia”, a place where every magic trick comes from.

There, she will learn magic tricks with Max, Newton, Mel and Pecky. They will have to fight the Masked Man, a jealous unsuccessful magician, whose mission is to sabotage all the magicians in the world.

The only thing the Masked Man did not know is that he could be beaten by the greatest power of magic: to believe in the unbelievable.


Meet some of our characters.


Cris, a tomboy girl, dreams of becoming a great magician, just like her grandparent was in the past.

However, she has no idea how to make the tricks work...

Cris finds out that she will only be able to learn how to make the magic tricks in “Magolândia”.



He is an unexperienced, messy hero. He is sometimes naive, but very talented.

Always in love with magic, he believes in the unbelievable. For him, magic is in every daily thing.

He is Cris’ best friend and both of them are the biggest obstacle for the Masked man’s plans.



He is a typical engineer, who stays in his shop working and creating all kinds of artifice for every kind of magic.

Newton fixes top hats, magic wands, boxes, etc. He loves magic tricks that defy the laws of physics.

He is Max and Cris’ partner fighting the Masked man.



Robot created by Newton to test his new tricks. He is very clever and with a high logic capacity.

He keeps all kinds of information, helping Newton in any research.

However, due to his robotic judgement, he is a little fickle.



Pecky is a naughty, smart and irreverent rabbit. He is tired of being used by magicians for their tricks.

He has great ideas for magic tricks.

Being used by the Masked man in his shows, his biggest fear is to be captured by him again.



A magician that never revealed his own identity. He loves magic, but, for him, only the great masters deserve this knowledge.

He has been sabotaging everybody in “Magolândia” because of this old-fashioned belief.

He is a victim of the vanity of the mask he designed himself.



A sarcastic and mean pigeon. He has been the Masked man ally and helper since the beginning of his career.

He spies on what is happening in “Magolândia” and tells his master.

Drake helps the Masked man to plan and practice his sabotages.



Land of Magic


“Magolândia” is a magical parallel universe.

The place where every magic trick comes from.  There, everybody is a grandchild, a great-grandchild or a great-great-grandchild of magicians and illusionists. A city where the bank has the shape of a top hat; cards are required items; the pigeons are part of a Union; rabbits cross the streets and the main square. The Magician Square (1) - has an arena to practice magic tricks. The Magic Tower (2), which seems a magic cube, is in this square.

However, things are not going well in “Magolândia”. The Magic Tower is the Sun of this universe. If its colors are matching, everybody is learning, performing and sharing magic tricks.  If its colors are shuffled, people are not able to perform magic.

The Masked man and his pigeon Drake live inside the basement of an abandoned theater (3) (4), working hard at finding new ways to sabotage the magicians.

Cris and Max spend most of their time in Newtown’s shop (5), a place beyond modern, developing all kinds of equipment to perform any kind of magic trick.

Max lives with his mom Hannah and his dad Douglas (6), who is a professor at the Magic University (7), next to Mel’s thrift store (8) and Peck’s hole.



For the first time, animatronics perform magic tricks with a unique identity and a universal language.

Made in Brazil, the animatronic humanoids (children/ animals) have 10 facial movements, with 360º peripheral vision and free to move, everything commanded by a tablet!

  • Innovation
  • Mix real actors and animatronic
  • Universal language
  • Low cost production
  • High dynamic recording




The Z7 Company was born specialized in magic tricks. We have a team of specialists in audiovisual content with magic and illusionism theme, with a unique identity and DNA.

We carefully develop content related to the magic universe and have a 360˚ look at the creation of various formats and products with this theme.

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